2. Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling water treatment chemicals are used to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of cooling water systems. These chemicals help prevent scale formation, corrosion, and microbial growth. Here are some common types of cooling water treatment chemicals:


Cooling water systems are an ideal environment for the growth of microbes.  The pH is ideal for their growth.  There is an abundance of nutrients and sunlight leading to their proliferation. If uncontrolled they can lead to voluminous slime build up, fouling and corrosion.


Scaling is the formation of deposits from the water soluble constituents. As water concentrates in the cooling water system due to recycle (operation at higher COCs), the saturation limits of hardness salts (and some others) are exceeded and precipitate in the system leading to deposit formation. This can reduce heat transfer directly affecting the production efficiency.

Scale inhibitors:

These chemicals prevent the deposition of scale on heat transfer surfaces by inhibiting the precipitation of minerals like calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate.

Corrosion inhibitors:

They protect the internal surfaces of cooling water systems from corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen, chlorides, and other corrosive substances.


 These chemicals control the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi, and other microorganisms in cooling water, preventing biofouling and microbial-induced corrosion.


They prevent the accumulation of suspended solids and help disperse particles in the cooling water, reducing the potential for fouling and scale formation.

pH adjusters:

These chemicals are used to control and maintain the appropriate pH level of the cooling water, which is important for corrosion control and inhibiting scale formation.

Antifoaming agents:

They control and suppress foam formation in the cooling water, which can interfere with heat transfer and reduce system efficiency.

Filming agents:

These chemicals form a protective film on metal surfaces, providing an additional barrier against corrosion and scale formation.


  • Scale Preventive & Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Corrosion Inhibitor( Close loop)
  • Microbiocide
  • Dispersent
  • Biodispersent

The Wex range of cooling water treatment programmes include;

  • Carbon steel and multi-metal corrosion inhibitors.
  • Antiscalants and Antifoulants.
  • Special Dispersants.
  • Biodispersants.
  • Non oxidising Biocides.
  • Chlorine activators.
  • Chlorine Dioxide precursor and generator.
  • Closed System treatment programmes (Nitrite/Molybdate/Phosphonate based)
  • Potable water corrosion inhibitors.
  • Single Drum corrosion, scale and deposit control products.

Some of Wex programmes widely used are,

  • Inorganic phosphate based
  • Metallic & non metallic
  • All organic
  • Soft water Molybdate based
  • Eco friendly microbial
  • Specialty polymeric dispersants
  • Crystal distorters
  • Closed Loop Nitrite/Molybdate