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SG CHEMICALS is an Integrated and Innovative company, offering an end-to-end solution to our customers. SG CHEMICALS is the largest trader in specialty & Basic chemicals just as water treatment chemicals, Boiler Chemicals, Cooling System Chemicals, fuel treatment chemicals, ETP chemicals, MEE Plant Chemicals, Descaling Chemicals & RO plant chemicals. We also trade in textile auxiliaries hotels, malls, and paper mill-related chemicals.

is established by Mr. Sanjay Dhaked has rich experience in the industry of specialty chemicals. SG CHEMICALS is situated in kadodra, surat & having a presence in entire India with its Innovative products and services. It is coupled with our technical know-how & expertise in manufacturing of Specialty Chemicals.

CHEMICALS’ specialty in zero discharge. Our growth is propelled with the support of team members and management professionals, who work diligently to take the organization to newer heights year-on-year. We provide product solution and service solutions on the fastest possible route to our customers.

Our water related solutions have following features:

Our Specialty:

We handle different activities such as Designing, Engineering & Manufacturing of Equipment’s, Piping, Site Erection & Commissioning.

Quality Control

It’s great to hear that ensuring good quality is a top priority for your organization. Performing necessary checks and tests in accordance with relevant standard codes is an important step in achieving and maintaining high quality products. Documentation is also crucial for continuous improvement and accountability.

It’s important to remember that quality is not just about meeting standards and specifications, but also about meeting the needs and expectations of your customers. Listening to customer feedback and addressing any concerns can help to further improve the quality of your products.